Sunday, December 01, 2019

On Writing Other Cultures

I have an interview over at writer Belinda Crawford's website here.

all about writing other cultures.

A Remarkable Privilege: Glenda Larke on Writing Other Cultures

And here, apropos of nothing much:
me trying on shoes in a Javan shoe shop.

Monday, November 18, 2019


In our garden yesterday...
A large stick insect. 
From tip of antenae to tail it was about 15 cms or 6" in length.  

And in other news, 
progresses apace as the end approaches.

Thursday, November 14, 2019


THE FUGITIVE QUEEN has not yet been completed, but it will be done by Christmas, all being well. The first 100,000 words have been reworked a number of times, and I am reasonably happy with them, but the next 20 thousand still need a bit of work. The final 10 thousand is underway. And yes, I will soon be on the hunt for beta readers.

The only person to have read any of it so far, an editor friend with a critical eye, seems to be enjoying it, so that's good news. (And no, it doesn't matter how many books you have published, you still think the latest is terrible. Consequently, you soak up any praise as if it was rain in a drought.)

And here's a photo I took recently of the caterpillar of a case moth, scurrying along across a path. It has clothed itself in a camouflage gown of straws. That sort of furry stuff at the top is its head poking out. 


Monday, October 28, 2019


Australia is home to dancing spiders, minute little creatures, surely adorable even to arachnophobes. They are called Peacock Spiders because of their bright, vibrant colours. They are also rarely seen, because they are so tiny... about the size of half your smallest fingernail.
Today I was lucky enough to come across one in my garden. 
 Not sure what particular species it is, but probably -- seeing as it was in my garden! -- the Common Peacock Spider. The male actually does an intricate charming dance performance to impress the female (and maybe to persuade her not to regard him as prey). Unfortunately, I didn't catch such a dance on the video...

And in other news, THE FUGITIVE QUEEN is within 5,000 words of completion.

Thursday, July 25, 2019


Just a picture of a Eucalypt tree, because it's beautiful.

And some news to let readers know that my latest work-in-progress is in fact galloping towards the final 10%!

The Fugitive Queen is approaching the climatic scenes of the ending when -- I hope -- everything comes together.

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Catch Up

Longtime since I did  blog post...
A lot has happened! 
Mostly centred around the ongoing health issues of my husband, which included heavy issues like triple bypass, valve replacement and pacemaker. 

Now that he is on the mend, I will be returning to my work in progress, the next book, tentatively named: "THE FUGITIVE QUEEN"

OTHER newsy things:
  • Continuum Convention, bless 'em,  over in Melbourne has very kindly invited me as Australian Guest of Honour for the 2020 Convention in June. More about that closer to the day! I've always had a soft spot for that particular convention, and their International guest will be a Malaysian, which makes things doubly special for me.
  • And also in 2020, I will be going to the World SF Convention in Wellington, New Zealand in August. Well, I've bought the ticket anyway, so fingers crossed!!
  • Ezvid Wiki over in Los Angeles has included "THE LASCAR'S DAGGER" as one of:
10 Enthralling Fantasy Novels by Australian Authors
see here for the link 
                                   It has a very interesting intro video, done by 
                                  someone who doesn't read too much fantasy.
          I'm not looking gift horses in the mouth here. All publicity is good, right?