Sunday, February 25, 2018

SWANCON / NATCON IS COMING - Do you want a critique of your WiP?

(WIP = Work in Progress)

I will be at Swancon 
(which is also this year's 
Australian National Science Fiction Convention)
in Perth, W.A.

 To be held over Easter. If you want to attend, buy your membership here.

I am giving a workshop, free to attendees of the convention.

Participants who wish to do so can also submit the first 500 words (opening scene) of a SF/F/H novel in advance of the workshop, and will receive a private written critique of their work from me on the day. There was to be a cut off for submission of these first pages by March 1st, but as I am not being inundated by entries, I think we can extend this for another couple of weeks!

The workshop will look at how to address common writing issues within manuscripts generally, looking at ways to reinforce strengths, identify weaknesses -- and provide advice on how get rid of the boring bits!

Spaces are limited so attendees will need to book. Manuscript extracts can submitted to with Strong Beginnings in the subject line.