Wednesday, April 20, 2016


A review from a book review site:

Taken as a whole, the Forsaken Lands trilogy is very good. Easily the most fun and engaging series I’ve read in a handful of years. Larke delivers the goods on all fronts, and has written a series that deserves a widespread readership. There’s something here for fantasy fans of every ilk, while feeling fresh and new.

Highly recommended.

--From Ryan Frye at Civilian Reader

You can read the whole review at the link above.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Times Sq/Theatre District NYC

I've been in Times Square before. Several times. The first time would have been back in the 1980s. What surprised me this time was how much more digital screen advertising there is compared to just a few years ago on my last visit -- they have SWAMPED the place. 

Screens loom down on you in garish colours from every building. The result? Over-saturation. Quite frankly, I would be happy never to go there again, at least not to see the actual environs...

To see a show, though -- that's another matter!
We went to see "An American in Paris" 
(a matter of what tickets we could grab at short notice. There were a great many better things to see if we'd been able to plan ahead.)

Wait, wait, there's also...

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Chinatown ... is Chinatown

I have left NY, but am still catching up on photos.

One of the distinctive things about Manhattan is the way it is divided up. Every big city has its CBD -- but Manhattan has a financial district district from the commercial district, an then its neighbourhoods: African-American, Hispanic, a Little Italy, a Chinatown, a theatre district,  then areas that seem to specialise in atmosphere -- funky, or upmarket, or jazz, or arty.

It doesn't seem to matter where it is, Chinatown looks pretty much the same. Except for the thickness of the clothing, and the external fire escapes, this could be in Kuala Lumpur...