Thursday, November 12, 2015



 USA release is over the Thanksgiving Weekend. 
In Australia, alas, mid-March.
This is more a buddy movie than a horror one; 
it is also very funny, and of course, 
as the director is Paul McGuigan, 
it is also cinematographically beautiful!

It stars Daniel Radcliffe
James McAvoy 

My two beautiful daughters at the red-carpet preview viewing.

         Above: Director Paul McGuigan the two main actors...
Above: McGuigan and Daniel Radcliffe

Sunday, November 01, 2015

On reading one's own reviews...

I really don't get this whole thing about not reading reviews of one's own books. To me, that's like writing into a vacuum. 

Most of us novel authors write because we love to create a story* -- few would do it, then never ever let anyone read those stories.

Yes, we sometimes get scathing reviews. You can't please everyone. But you also might get called "This decade's best fantasy writer" as one recent Amazon reviewer said about me. I don't actually believe that, mind you, but boy, does that boost the ego, and inspire me to write!

*Few do it  for the money -- most of us don't make sufficient income from books to live on!