Saturday, March 28, 2015


I shall be attending Swancon over Easter. Please come and say Hi if you are attending. I will be on at least one panel (with John Scalzi -- exalted company!) 

I am giving a kaffeeklatch as well (small group discussion over coffee/tea where you can ask me anything.) There will be a gift for everyone turning up to that -- books and other stuff. 

Most of the time I will just be hanging out in the bar or around the hotel. Please feel free to come up and introduce yourself if we haven't met.

I believe the Ditmar and the Tinduck Awards will also be announced during the convention. (And for those attending, have you voted yet?)

Tuesday, March 17, 2015


The one on the left is the UK cover.  The book itself is a smaller size and the cover is slightly bluer and darker. 
 The US book on the left has a tinge more green and is lighter.

The other difference is in the reader/reviewer comments on the back. 

UK has quotes from Elizabeth Moon and Karen Miller; 
US has Karen again (but a different quote), Publishers Weekly and RT Book Reviews.

I have no idea why there is a difference, 
but I suspect there is a reason!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The Kind of Review...

 ...that every author loves.

Every now and then you get a review from someone who really "gets" what you, the writer, are trying to say.
Here is one such, from Ryan Frye at Civilian Reader blog.

Below is Ryan's summary, but you can read the whole review here.

Overall, The Lascar’s Dagger is a great read. The pacing is great, with plenty of action and swagger. While I thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of this book, Larke left plenty of hints that there’s greater depth to the characters, the world and the story to be found in later volumes. If you are looking for a new epic fantasy series that will engage, entertain (and maybe even enthrall you) in equal measures, then Larke’s your author and The Forsaken Lands is your series.