Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Some random photos from Downtown Manhattan

Below: random street corner...
 Below: the corner of the Amish Market which extends down the street...
 Below: street on Easter Sunday -- hence the pink ears.
 Below, the spines of the communication centre at the WTC site.

 Below: so-called FREEDOM TOWER, or 1WTC, built where once the Twin Towers stood
 Below: St Paul's chapel that escaped the destruction of the Twin Towers by a whisker.
 Below: photo taken from the portico of the St Paul's Chapel
 BELOW: American Stock Exchange building 
and the graveyard of Trinity Church. 
Also -- Spring!!

The green street sign on the lampost in the middle of this photo says simply "People With Aids".


Jo said...

Nice pix Glenda. Do you enjoy being in New York. It's a place I have never wanted to visit. Grandbaby and mom doing well I hope.

glenda larke said...

Everyone's fine, Jo.
And NY has a lot to offer - but as a place, it's a bit grim and dingy. Best place on Manhattan is Central Park!