Sunday, October 19, 2014


This is the scene of the nestbuilding above
Yesterday a Willy Wagtail started to build a nest on my one and only clothesline. Which could spell disaster for my washing in future weeks... Of course, the nest might not go anywhere. Birds don't always finish what they start.

This is the culprit to the left. Not a very good photo, but these guys never stay still for a moment. There's a good reason they are called wagtails.

They are members of the fantail family (not the wagtails!) Rhipidura.

This is what the nest looks like after one day of nestbuilding. It started with one of the birds wrapping spiderwebs around his beak and then sticking it to the corner of the clothesline. This was followed by all kinds of fluff and hairs, and was a joint effort.


Jo said...

I take it you are leaving it in situ. How clever using spider webs.

Glenda Larke said...

Yesterday was really wet and they didn't return. We'll see if they come today. Sometimes birds will decide a nest is not going to work out. I did hang up some washing today!