Tuesday, September 02, 2014


The Hospital of St Cross (and remember it wasn't a hospital in the modern sense) was founded in the 1130s by Henri de Blois, the Bishop of Winchester. He was a grandson of William the Conqueror and the brother of King Stephen.

The Church of St Cross was commenced in the 1150s  and not completed until about 1400, which means that different bits are in different styles. These photos show the exterior from different viewpoints.                                   
From the Master's Garden
Stone for the church was brought from the Caen quarries of France, shipped in barges to Southampton and then by cart.
Another view from the Master's gardens
Front, from quadrangle (14th century)
The whole establishment, of course, was Catholic in the early years, and Anglican now.
From the rear (Norman)
Where the church and the ambulatory meet

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Jo said...

Attractive church. They really knew how to build 'em in those days. You really are getting around on your trip.