Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A house came down my street...

A house came down my street today, 

How's that for a line from a SciFi novel?
Or maybe a Neil Gaiman fantasy?


Tropical Dragon said...

After listening to Neil Gaiman last week talking about his book Fortunately the Milk... I can well believe he'd use a line like that for a book!

Jo said...

Having lived in similar houses, it wasn't such a surprise to me.

Satima Flavell said...

The first time I saw this was back in the 1950s. We hadn't been in Australia very long and my mother was astonished - in the UK very few houses are built of materials that allow them to be transported whole, so she'd never seen such a thing and kept talking about it for weeks afterwards!

Mind you, you have to be careful. A friend of mine in NZ once saw a man decapitated by a house that was turning a corner. What did he do? Phoned the TV station and claimed a spotter's fee from the newsroom!