Monday, March 04, 2013

My wildlife adventure of the day

 And where's the wildlife, you may ask? Well, it was in that vase. I disturbed it and it fled out the sliding doors...
Yep, that pesky tree-shrew (neither shrew nor tree-dweller, remember) was at it again, building a nest in the vase. When I emptied the vase on the floor to check if it had babies in there yet, this pile of leaves was the result!

The vase is about 30cm (12") high,  and the animal (see here) is -- if you in include the tail -- about 34 cm in length, so I am not sure how on earth it thinks it can use the vase as a nest.

Last week it was tearing around the front lawn pretend-fleeing its amorous mate. This week, it's in my lounge room. Typical!

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Jo said...

Well you won't have that happen when you get to Oz I guess.