Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Shark Bay to Carnarvon

A couple of random shots...
Peron Station: windmill, iconic symbol of Australian stations and outback wheatbelt farms
This one with the nest of a Little Crow
The old no-longer-used shearing shed at Peron Station
My sister and I were fascinated by a peculiar piece of mechanical machinery in the shed that had no label. Unfortunately I failed to take a photo, but it looked like a steampunk infernal machine. The best explanation we could devise (and remember we are the daughters of a sheep farmer!) was that it was a device to crutch sheep -- that is, a circular wheel on which sheep could be hoisted, then cradled on their backs so shearers can remove the wool around their bottoms. Sort of assembly line in reverse--remove covering rather than add it. All part of preventing a horrible fly-blown death for sheep--i.e. to be eaten alive by maggots. (Townies from PETA, of course, would prefer this horrible death to the practice of tail-docking, which is another essential method to prevent maggot infection. Easy to see that PETA folk don't have a sheep-farming background...or good imaginations...)
Shark Bay mangroves -- clear water, so unlike Malaysian mangroves!
Gascoyne Crossing-- birdlife, it always finds the waterholes
Hard to think that this bridge can and does disappear under flood waters
And emus everywhere...

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Helen V. said...

I do get cross with all the fuss about crutching and tail docking. You only have to see one maggot infested sheep to realise that this is essential. Mulesing (which there is a lot of fuss about) is another question though. I do have reservations about how that is done. I certainly don't think it should be banned, just done in a more humane way.