Sunday, May 20, 2012


2nd or 3rd June (Sat or Sun) 
MY Garden Birdwatch 2012 Survey 

 The annual MY Garden Birdwatch survey is here again! 

If you live in Malaysia, you have the chance to help with this Malaysian Nature Society project that seeks to: 

 (i) raise awareness about garden birds; 

 (ii) track and monitor their numbers across the country. 

On either 2nd or 3rd June 2012, spend 30 minutes at one spot in a park, your garden or a playground near you and jot down the birds that you see. 

Take you kids/family... just HALF AN HOUR of you time for a bit of fun.

You can find out all about it here or here's a fun video that will tell what to do: 


Jo said...

Seems like it would be fun to do.

Jo said...

Any news on the publishing front?

glenda larke said...

Yes, and no...

Probably they have something similar to this birdwatch in Canada, Jo.

Jo said...

The probably do Glenda, but then I don't have a garden any more. Have a small park but not close enough to id the birds and I doubt I could hobble over to the trees any more. Not sure it would count anyway.

Jo said...

Glenda, I am sending you the One Lovely Blog Award. I think you definitely deserve it. Check my Saturday blog for details.