Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Dawn & Dusk: Cheynes Beach

This is where I was taking my regular morning (or evening) walks last week:
 looking out over the Great Southern Ocean, next stop Antarctica. 
This is Cheynes Beach, Western Australia, 
and I was there with the WA. Naturalists Club 
(which you should join if you live anywhere in W.A.
Fishing for salmon
Cars are not permitted on the beach
Evening shadows
Silver Gulls
Sooty Oystercatcher
The sign warns you not to throw fish offal in the sea as it attracts sharks
The small settlement at Cheynes


Jo said...

Beautiful. Is this near where you are going to live?

Helen V. said...

I love that area. Lucky you.

Sean Wright said...

Lovely spot.

glenda larke said...

Jo, it's miles away -- 6 hrs drive down to the south. This state is huuuuuuuuuuge....

Put in Texas, NZ, British Isles, Japan -- and there's still room for more.

Jo said...

Sorry my Oz geography is not very good. I thought you were settling near the coast and figured this was it. Just list me as confused.