Friday, December 02, 2011

Some animals from Perlis State Park

Warning: if you can't tell the difference between a centipede an a millipede, don't pick them up. Millipedes are relatively harmless -- unless you want to eat one -- have 2  pairs of legs per segment, and are vegetarians. Centipede bites are nasty, they are carnivores and have one pair of legs per segment.
**Please note the correction on the frog species as per the comments from Budak in Singapore
Pill millipede (can roll itself up into a tight ball)
Millipede -- Narceus?
This is probably a unknown beetle instar (larval stage)5mm. Found on a fungus.
**Copper-cheeked frog Hydrophylax raniceps
Forest snails
The Three-striped Ground Squirrel getting into the rubbish bin...


Jo said...

I wouldn't be picking up either, the squirrel is more in my line.

Peter said...

It's a good example of how much known and unknown biodiversity is threatened or extinguished when native forest is cleared for human expansion.

Sean said...

Yes. Won't be picking up centipedes or millipedes, lots of em round here.

budak said...

the frog should be a copper-cheeked

there's excellent resources at and

Glenda Larke said...

Thanks, Budak! Correction made.