Thursday, May 05, 2011

The area I want to live in...

The foreshore of the town (Mandurah)
Mandurah bridge
Just a few minutes walk from the house I looked at
Within walking distance of the house
Within walking distance of the house
Foreshore near the house
Wood-duck and Oystercatchers
Bird watching for me, fishing for husband


Jo said...

I wish you luck in maybe moving one day.

Sean said...

Stayed in a caravan park in Mandurah, worst experience eva! The one at Denmark much further south was divine on the lake surrounded by old forrest. But the beaches at Mandurah do look nice.

glenda larke said...

Ah, Sean, we used to stay at a caravan park in Mandurah every summer when I was a kid. Have wonderful memories of that. Mandurah is a helluva lot bigger now, but there are still lovely spots.

Sean said...

Actually I just went and checked it wasn't Mandurah but Dawseville just below Mandurah.
Every other park in WA was beautiful. But this one was so bad that we ended up going to Perth Airport 3 hours early

Helen V. said...

Mandurah is lovely and now the train links it to the city it's accessible.