Monday, January 24, 2011

News and flower pots...

This is the view from our family room of the orchid shade house.

And in amongst the orchids closest to the window, there is a bulbul nest...and yes, those yellow dangling things are the heavily perfumed blossoms. So not only do I have flowers, I also have birds in the hanging pot!

Today I sent back to the proofs of "Stormlord's Exile".  Tomorrow I am going to Fraser's Hill again to be one of the trainers for a session on birding.

The other piece of news I have is that it looks as if "The Masks of Yedron" will not be the next book I write after all. It will get written, just not yet... Such is the world of publishing. One never knows what is around the corner. And no, I can't say yet exactly what the next book is going to be, or when I'll be able to tell you.


Jo said...

Must be nice having orchids in your back yard, we have to nurture them carefully in pots. As for birds, I miss our feeders and nests which we had in North Carolina, not that we had bulbuls then of course.

Helen V. said...

Lovely flowers. My sister-in-law grows glorious cymbidiums outside but I haven't had much luck with them. Still my cactus flowers are lovely which kind of makes up for it.