Sunday, January 02, 2011

Looking at 2011

Probably a dangerous thing to do, given the uncertainties of life.

Still, here's what is sort of mapped out at this stage:

January to end May:  working on the tourism project, which will probably mean one more trip to Danum, and one or two trips to Fraser's Hill and to Royal Belum State Park to give training courses.

January to end of December: working on new book, for which I have not yet signed a contract. Tentatively called The Masks of Yedron. Book 1 in the two book: "Hidden Kingdom".

February: possible trip by younger daughter to Malaysia.

April: Husband's 70th birthday. Elder daughter planning trip with her family, and - joined by my sister - we will head to Angkor Wat, where none of us have yet been.

April: Trip to Perth, Australia for Aussicon, where I am an invited guest.

August: Publication of Stormlord's Exile world release.

And that's it.


Satima Flavell said...

I hope you're getting over the flu, Glenda! It looks as if you'll be working double shifts until May, at least, so take care of yourself!

Looking forward to seeing you at Swancon:-)

Rowena Cory Daniells said...

Hi Glenda,

I've done much the same thing, posted my plans for 2011 on the ROR blog.

Most are not negotiable. Sigh ...

Hope your husband has a wonderful 70th B'day!

Jo said...

Well I hope Noramly enjoys his birthday, he is one of the babies in our lives, Matt will be 76 next year!!! However it is still a milestone.

I hope your plans work out the way you have posted.

Sharyn said...

I wish I could get over to WA to see you, but your year sounds pretty good

Angela said...

Hope your husband has a very special birthday! The book titles sound so very interesting, I can't wait to be able to read them! Hope your publisher signs the two books very soon!