Monday, January 10, 2011

Bits n Pieces

I have booked my trip to Perth for April, to attend the 50th National SF Convention/Swancon, where I am an invited guest. (Love the Natcon/Swancon organisers...)

I am writing The Masks of Yedron at the moment. It is progressing slowly. I need a contract to give me some impetus, I think...

And meanwhile, over in Australia: poor Queensland. A huge expanse of Australia is under water and looks like it will remain that way for quite a while. The good thing about this is that there is no way that an enormous disaster of this magnitude - an appalling drain on resources for a country which has vast distances and a small population - could ever lead to the horror that was the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. (I have recently read Zeitoun, by Dave Eggers. While I might have some issues with the writing and the way Eggers told the story, I just cannot fathom how US authorities can have sunk so low at a time of such calamity and in the weeks that followed. I remember watching CNN International at the time with my jaw permanently sitting on my chest somewhere..)

I am proud to be Australian.


Jo said...

I can't imagine why you would have to wait for a contract. If I were a publisher, I would given you one instantly, all your other books have been so great. Poor Queensland.

Anonymous said...

Very similar.

Helen V. said...

With regard to Queensland the same thought struck me. We do have something to be proud of in the way as a nation we rise to deal with whatever nature throws at us - and she throws a lot at us.

Satima Flavell said...

I'm also proud to be Australia. SO proud I got papers to prove it:-) People here really do help each other when times are hard, and we expect our governments to play their part in the same way.

Anonymous said...

You just lost this American reader and I will do what I can to make others aware of your distase for Americans.

Bad form for a person that relies on American dollars to pay the bills.

Proud to be an American!

Glenda Larke said...

I am amazed to find you think I have a distaste for Americans.

Let me point out to you that:

1. My son-in-law, whom I adore, is American.

2. My grandson is American, and I'm totally besotted by him.

3. Two of the people I mentioned in the above blog post - Dave Eggers and Zeiton - I admire. Both are American.

4. Everything I learned about the aftermath of Katrina at the time came from the American media.

5. Criticising a particular government at a particular time in history, does not constitute distaste for a whole nation and its people.