Sunday, December 19, 2010

German cover of Gilfeather

So, does he look like your idea of Gilfeather? 
Or is he supposed to be someone else, e.g. Tor? Or Duthrick? Or someone else entirely?
It won't be out until August 2011, or so tells me.  
Der Hieler means "The Healer", by the way.


Jo said...

Nope he doesn't look like Gilfeather one bit - to me at least. I always gave him something of a Scots persona.

Ligia said...

Ah no! That is not Gilfeather!
Maybe it should be asked that the illustrator reads the book first, don't you think?

Alena said...

Tor maybe, Gilfeather not in the least. But I can see that Tor has the handsome looks of the folk whose images sell the books that have them on the cover. Gilfeather's looks (in my mind's eye) are rather more to be seen past than to be seen -- and he rewards the effort to see past them.

Spikeabell said...

Kelwyn?..not in the slightest, that garment is nay a tagaird lassie! Freckles , beard? At a stretch Duthrick..