Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Book loot

Christmas presents added to my to-be-read pile...
What's been added to your TBR pile? And have you read any of them yet??


Angela said...

No books this year just gift vouchers for Waterstones.Looking forward to a full day in Waterstones in Manchester. Along with lots of Costa coffee - heaven!!

Donny said...

Gosh, to be reminded of my TBR pile. It's too massive to even consider. And I keep buying! :(

Snow Crash is wonderful, but I actually prefer The Diamond Age.

I have to ask you one of these days whether you think consuming contemporary fantasy books influence your writing from plot, character, themes or writing style perspectives. :)

Sharyn said...

book loot is always good, although my book loot this year consisted entirely of cook books, including the River Cottage Family Cookbook, in which the Fearnly-Whittingstall children do some of the cooking *g*

Jo said...

No books I'm afraid as I always buy my own anyway. Hubby wouldn't have a clue what to buy me.

Glenda Larke said...

Most of mine were bought with book vouchers too, bless those who gave them. Nothing I like better!

Donny - I'd have to say yes, but in a very general way. I think I'll have to do a blog post on that one day.

Sharyn, good luck!

Jo - my husband wouldn't know either! At least not when it comes to fiction. Non-fiction he has a pretty good idea of what I'd like.