Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I'm away...

 . know, working. The REAL job, as folk say about writers who also do other stuff.

This where I am.

Fraser's Hill, one of the old hill resorts dating back to the colonial days of the Malay States. The road up to this place was started in 1918; by 1921 the hill station was in full swing, complete with a nine hole golf course.

We are staying in the newly renovated Puncak Inn to the left, and just had dinner in the very swank "Scott" cottage, owned by the Smokehouse, the place made of stone to the right of the hotel.

I work so hard in really tough conditions.

This is why I have not been online much lately...


Imagine me said...

I guess it makes up for all the other times.

Jo said...

I sympathise with your working conditions, can't imagine how you stand it.

Enjoy it.