Thursday, June 17, 2010


I love it when one of my characters resonates with a reader.

Read what Melissa says here about Terelle, her favorite character in The Last Stormlord.

(I have to say that my favourite in the book was actually Ryka. I especially loved the proposal scene where Kaneth makes a total muck of things and Ryka just gets madder and madder...)

I do so love strong women, especially those who aren't warriors. (Although I have done those too - Blaze from the Isles of Glory was most definitely a warrior who could match most men when it came to swordplay.)

The pix is Nashii, and while I didn't have her looks in mind when I described what I thought Terelle would look like, this particular photo somehow catches an expression that is wholly Terelle at her most sceptical.

So who was your favourite character??


webfaery said...

I have trouble picking a favourite, but if you'd asked me who the photo was of (from your books) I would have definitely said Terelle. That's just how I'd picture her!

Peter said...

It's hard to pick a favourite with so many good characters to choose from.
The character I want most to succeed and be free to choose her own future is Terelle.
I also admire the intelligence, courage and survival skills of the feisty Ryka.

Anonymous said...

Ryka is my favourite too, she's brilliant.

Jo said...

My memory is going, but I rather like Jasper's (Shale) brother. I thought it was so sad that he felt so strongly about Ryka.

Glenda Larke said...

I wrote him as rather an ambivalent character, Jo. A villain ...and yet not. You are not the only one who likes him.

I toyed a lot with exactly how his part on the story is going to end...

Jo said...

Well I hope he has a happy ending, he deserves it. I haven't got the books right now so I cannot recall his name, just his character.

Melissa (My words and pages) said...

I am running behind in reading all the posts from last week. But I saw your heading Terelle... and had to stop to see. Thank you for posting the link for my Favorite Fictional Character post.

I have to mention this book had many great characters to love. I started with Terelle first. I can really see Terelle being lost in thought as she thinks and looking just like that photo.

But Ryka is an amazing character as well. I have to agree the scene of the proposal was GREAT. I laughed and felt bad at the same time. Even in the end Ryka brought me to tears.

Thank you for mentioning me. And hope you enjoyed the post. :)