Monday, April 19, 2010

A Walk through Bristol

Daughter and I were lucky to have Cheryl Morgan to guide us through the historical and market delights of Bristol, which made all the difference.
Above: You are never far from the water in Bristol - once one of the great ports of Europe, with some unpleasant ties to the slave trade.
Below: The city is full of little corners of architectural gems from the past.

Below: what about the delightfully camp guys on the church clocktower?


Jo said...

Loved the guys on the clock tower.

When were you due to leave Glenda? No-one in ther UK seems to be complaining about ash.

martha said...

Lovely photo essay. I lived 5 years in London and never visited Bristol. Now between Cheryl's taking up residence there and the BBC's Series 'Being Human' (soon to decamp to Cardiff)I'm realizing I missed something quite intriguing