Monday, April 26, 2010

Publication date for Stormlord Rising


Publication dates for book 2:

USA: August 1st 2010
UK November 4th 2010
Australia: Voyager edition already available

Here's the real US and UK cover of Stormlord Rising ( no matter what Amazon might try to tell you.) There may be some small design differences between the two countries but basically this is it. A Lovely, lovely cover done by artist Steve Stone, and designed by Peter Cotton, for Orbit editions.


Lexie said...

I definitely like this cover better. I *still* prefer the Aussie Voyager editions, but this is better then the first book cover. :)

Melissa (My words and pages) said...

I love this cover!

I am currently reading The Last Stormlord and enjoying it. I am only about half way through it at the moment.

May I ask who is on the cover of both books? I was wondering if the Last Stormlord cover was of Shale. I just read the part where he crawled up the side of the cavern and it just seemed to fit the picture for a moment.

I have added this book to my desired list for the summer. I think I need to take the summer off to read. :)

glenda larke said...

Lexie - I agree about Bk 1.

Melissa - For the Orbit covers like this one, I am not really consulted beforehand. I think they don't actually set out to portray a particular person or scene, but rather to capture the essence of the storyline, and an atmosphere.

That said, Book one is presumably Shale/Jasper, struggling with his solitude and abilities, and the scenery would indeed be somewhere in the Warthago Range; book two can only be Terelle, as Ryka is a blond.

Melissa (My words and pages) said...

Thank you Glenda. I kind of thought Stormlord Rising may be Terelle. She seemed to be the only one I could think of to fit the part with dark hair. :)

I just finished Last Stormlord and can't wait for Stormlord Rising. I need to know what happens! :) Thank you.

Anonymous said...

just finished reading The Last Stormloard, freaking awesum. 1st thing i did was come online to make sure the story continues. Cant wait for Stormlord rising. Hopefully South Africa doesn't lag in getting it.

Brilliant and well done :)


Glenda Larke said...

Thanks, Andrew. I assume that Sth Africa gets British versions rather than Australian ones so you will have to wait a bit!