Saturday, March 27, 2010

Three things before the end of the month ...

The Gemmell Awards first round of voting (which produces a short list) has to be completed by the end of the month. The present lists of books and artwork is a result of nominations by publishers and editors. The Last Stormlord is one of these nominations, and there are are some other excellent books on the list to vote for if you don't think mine is appropriate.

Over at Good Reads, The Last Stormlord, which won the vote to get to the final, is losing the battle against A Bridge of Birds, A Novel of Ancient China That Never Was by Barry Hughes for the choice of the June Fantasy Book of the Month. So consider voting in that too!

Borders, where I will be blogging at Babel Clash from Tuesday next until the 12th of April with Celine (Moorehawke) Keirnan. I shall put up the link here every time I post.


Jo said...

Tell you what, these places do make it difficult to cast a vote. Either that or I am a dummy - maybe the latter LOL.

Imagine me said...

I agree, Jo. I managed the Gemmel one but Good Reads stymied me.