Tuesday, February 09, 2010

So the first draft is done

And now the fun begins. I re-read and decide if I have written 166,600 words of crap or something so brilliant my star will shine in the firmament...

...or more probably something somewhere between. I will cut and expand and polish and tear my hair and weep and laugh and swear. And somewhere in the next 2o days a book will emerge that might be halfway readable.

We'll see.

And as I submit the MS for my editors have their first look at the end of this month, folk in the US and UK will get their first look at The Last Stormlord, and folk in Australia will be buying Stormlord Rising. Ye gods, life is exciting sometimes.


Marina said...

Congrats, Glenda!

Can't believe you only have 20 days to edit, though. What a big job!

Jo said...

Ditto, congrats and good luck. Which is the hardest, writing or editing? It all sounds like damned hard work to me.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic! Go you!