Sunday, December 13, 2009

Where I am now

View from my room.
Below: Sunset from our dinner table.

Hornbills next to our table. Is it cold where you are? I am sorry. Truly.
However, I am working too.


Jo said...

You'd better be working with sarcastic comments like that, yeah, I am sure you are sorry.

Lovely pix again, I think I am grateful to you for sharing, but as I am cold, maybe not.

Imagine me said...

Can't think of a nicer place to be working myself.

Joanna said...

Well it ain't cold here in Brisbane, but it's not that pretty either!

inkpawprints said...

oh, I love the hornbills, they're magnificent.

My feet are freezing, but I've always prefered being cold over hot, so I'll just sit here and admire your pictures. If it snows I'll send you some pics that you can be jealous of :)

Jo said...

Dunno where you are Inkpawprints, but round here we have lots of the white stuff.

inkpawprints said...

(oops, sorry about the massive delay in reply, Jo) I'm from England... and it snowed a few days later ^.^ going through my pics now and deciding which to send to Glenda!

Jo said...

Yes, England has had its fair share of snow this winter. New Years Day here and its snowing itself silly this morning.

What part of England? I lived in Kent most of my life (before I emigrated) but was born in Cheshire.