Sunday, December 27, 2009

Breakfast, Malaysian style

Who can resist the delights of the local roti chanai shop?

Above: the various stages - from the lumpy handful of dough on the left, through the rising dough to the kneading to the cooking.
Below: Making the bread thin by stretching and throwing and kneading. Note the piles of dough waiting to be thinned out.

Above: Sprinkling sugar on the bananas of Grandson's roti. It is then folded up...
Below: ...and tossed on the hot plate to cook
Below: in the tray at the are some finished roti. Delicious when made without the banana and sugar, and served with dhall curry. Yum.


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Jo said...

Looks good. Even thought I have eaten way too much in the last day or two.

Funny - I can't open your post on travelling with your hubby.