Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Weird stuff from Malaysian politics

From the New Sunday Times Nov 1st, 2009, p22.

"I support the Auditor-General's report but what has happened now is that it gives a very bad impression and it is nauseating. If possible, the government should filter the report before making it a public document."
--Statement by Datuk Wira Ahmad Hamzah, MP for Jasin

My take:
1. Yes, it does give a bad impression. The reason it gives a bad impression is because a great many people cheated the government and the tax-payer.
2. Yes, it is nauseating. It is nauseating to think this can and does happen.
3. Er, say what? You want to hide the bad things because you don't want the tax-payer to know that his tax dollars are being stolen?
My conclusion:
1. MPs who want things covered-up give an extremely bad bad impression.
2. MPs who don't have the moral judgment or the intelligence to realise just how amoral/unintelligent they sound are...........*

* supply your own ending.

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Jo said...

In my personal opinion, all governments are crooked anyway.