Friday, October 09, 2009

Clairvoyante et Guérisseur, Les Isles Glorieuses

News for French speakers

The first two volumes of Les Isles Glorieuses are available now.
Volume 1, Clairvoyante (The Aware) was published before, by J'ai Lu, but they have now passed the publication of the trilogy to a sister imprint, Pygmalion.

As a consequence, we have a new look and reissue of Clairvoyante, below, and there's Guérisseur ( Gilfeather) above.
For non-French speakers, guérisseur means healer.
Love those covers!! Je les adore, vraiment...
Unfortunately, I don't know who the artist is, but the books are translated by Mélanie Fazi.


Silver Fox said...

They are truely gorgeous covers! oh and congrats!

Anonymous said...

I know absolutely no French, but I would almost be tempted to buy them simply for the covers. Gorgeous!!

Congrats on the new releases!

Cheers, Lisa.

Anonymous said...

I agree - those covers would make me pick them up... and wish my French was better!

Jo said...

Yup those covers are much better than the glamourous broad which was shown before. What's the third book going to be called?

As for knowning no French, if you picked them up, and worked through them, you would find you knew a lot of the language at the end.