Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Holes in my roof

A couple of weeks back, a gale blew part of our roof off. So we called in someone to fix it, which they did. At the same time we asked them to clear all the leaves. Which they did too.

Yesterday it rained, heavily. The roof they mended was fine, no leaks. But the roof over our lounge/dining area leaked horribly, the wall became a waterfall, and our lounge a swimming pool. (Have you ever smelled wet carpet? It has to be one of the most grungy smells on earth.)

We figure it was all the leaves that had been plugging the holes, and to remove them was obviously A Very Bad Idea. The moral of the story is never get your roof cleaned.

The truth is, of course, we need a new roof. Truth number two is that until one of my books hits the NY Times best seller list, we can't afford it.

Excuse me now, I have to go and plug some holes with a handful of leaves...


Satima Flavell said...

Oh, heck - what next? An uninvited waterfall in the lounge is just not funny.

If it's an iron roof, it looks like a job for a can of bituminous paint and some bits of old fabric. Works wonders until one hits the best-seller list:-)

But as a girl who grew up on a farm, you know that already, I'm sure.

Peter said...

I would advise you to contact your local stormlord and berate him for dumping too much rain in your area.
(or do you have random rain?)

invanderkoeck said...

Oh dear, and it's rainy season here too.

*laughs* I agree with Peter. It's the stormlord!


Imagine me said...

Life just keeps hitting everyone this year, doesn't it. I hope you can resolve it. If the bituminous paint doesn't work silicone works wonders if you can find the leak/leaks although my DIY challenged husband would probably recommend masking tape. He believes it can fix anything. For the record it can't.
Oh and I do know that smell of wet carpet. Vile.

Glenda Larke said...

Yeah, we are using the bitumen stuff even though it's not an iron roof - problem is, how do you find workmen in the middle of a major holiday season???? Alas, we are too decrepit to wander all over the roof the way I used to...

The tropical stormlord has absolutely NO sense of proportion, I swear.

caving liz said...

>Have you ever smelled wet carpet?

The worst thing I did this year was have my bedroom carpet cleaned. All the workers did was use gallons of water to wet the carpet, then suck up about a small bucketful in their special machine.........and leave. The sodden carpet took about 4 days to dry.