Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Yesterday, with vampires

As you have probably gathered from my twitter etc, I spent most of yesterday in a hospital having a health problem I mentioned some weeks back being attended to. Needless to say, I didn't get much work done. I have also decided that having veins that aren't micro-sized and only accessible to something called a butterfly needle (for surgery on butterflies perhaps?) would be an advantage.

Now I know I have of late acquired considerable insulation, but even in my spare days this "hunt the vein" was a problem. Yesterday, it went to all new levels. A surgeon and an anaesthetist, each working on an arm - with the aid of a leaf blower (for warmth), three nurses and an assistant - were only successful after some 15 minutes.

At least I will never have a problem with vampires.


2paw said...

Oh you poor thing, I have the same problem, I have a port now, but the butterfly needles are by far the most gentle. I like them because they are butterflies too, which doesn't remind me of hospital. I hope you are feeling better now. When will I be able to buy your book in The Apple Isle???

Satima Flavell said...

Having undergone similar experiences I was both wincing and laughing as I read that. I expect your arms are black and blue today, but I hope that will be the end of the problem forever!

Glenda Larke said...

Hey, 2paw, not sure - but Infinitas in Sydney and Fantastic Planet over in Perth both have it on sale now. So it ought to be able to cross an itty bitty bit of sea, right?

2paw said...

The itty bitty bit of strait is both my saviour and the bane of my life!! I will start haunting the book shops tomorrow. Thanks Glenda!!!

Anonymous said...

Good golly, woman!!!! Look after yourself!!!!!

Jo said...

Sorry Glenda, vampires go for the jugular which is much bigger, nor are they too precise and certainly wouldn't worry about hurting you. So, no you ain't safe.

Sorry to hear you were having a problem, I don't normally have that problem but recently one of the technicians who is supposed to take blood made a right botch of it so I know exactly what you mean.

What is the Apple Isle? Never heard it mentioned.

Kendall said...

Ugh! My other half has this problem, too, so I sympathize.

Last time I think they resorted to his foot (!!!) but then he moved or something and a little blood spurted, and the tech gasped in surprise, and then my poor other half, not seeing what was going on, freaked a bit and moved more, and...(sigh) it was a bit messy. ;-)

Anyway, I feel for you, Glenda!

Glenda Larke said...

At least the leaf blower was nice. I always find operating rooms freezing, but the humungous blower to warm the skin and float the vein up was great.

And as my daughter complained - they ask you not to drink, so your blood volume falls - so what do they expect??