Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Professor Emeritus Noramly

Here he is, looking very colourful and rather magnificent.

The three men of the family: Noramly, his younger brother and their very proud uncle, in loco parentis, who is 85 today.

Above:With brother & wife, two sisters, two nieces

After the ceremony, with another niece who just graduated from a different university, and an aunt.


Anonymous said...

OH wow! Congrats, Noramly!

Imagine me said...

How exciting. Nice robes too.

Anonymous said...

Heartiest congratulations to Noramly! You look rather resplendent yourself in the kingfisher blue baju kurung. Smathi

Jo said...

Lots of congratulations from Canada too Glenda, everyone looks very impressive. Very bright and colourful robes and I too love the kingfisher blue.

glenda larke said...

And Smathi is a fellow birdwatcher - did you guess??