Saturday, August 29, 2009

Australians: you can win my books

So, pertainingto yesterday's post, I had eleven requests to be the villain in Book 3, and one desperate request not to be because my villains are too awful!

Still over at the Harper Voyager site, they have a competition to win a complete packet* of my books, including the new trilogy (as it comes out). Here's what they say:

Voyager is giving you the chance to win the complete Glenda Larke pack including The Mirage Makers and Isles of Glory series, a finished copy of The Last Stormlord and the next two books in the Stormlord series as soon as they are released!

To win, send your review** of The Last Stormlord to

And to sweeten the deal we will give FIVE runners up a Glenda Larke backlist pack with the Mirage Makers & Isles of Glory books. So your chances of winning are 5 times greater!


*That packet would not include Havenstar, as they did not publish that...though I live in hope, one day....

**And I trust they will reward proper reviews and not fulsome flattery aimed at wheedling a way to a prize - :-)


Jo said...

Right now I wish I lived in Oz.

Re being in anyone's book, I would only wanted to be featured as a dragon rider with access to magic. Good of course, not a villain. If I could write, that is where I might start.

Lexie said...

;.; I wish I could win it as well. I donnae mind being a villain in someone's novel (I'm one often enough in my sister's auto-biographical plays for school), since I tend to like villains...

glenda larke said...

Lol, Lexie!!