Thursday, July 23, 2009

So I opted for the glossary

I sent off the MS of Book 2 Stormlord Rising for copy edit - with a glossary added because many of you said you liked them*.

Now I am clearing the deck desk, ready for the plunge into book 3.

And as a continuation if my last post: apparently many fans of sff really don't seem to like book trailers - at least those fans who follow the genre on line.

...For any of the following reasons:
"I want to do my own imagining, especially of characters and the world."
"I can get what I want from the blurb."
"They are mostly amateurish and boring."
"What is on the trailer isn't really in the book (unlike movie trailers.)"

*There was no glossary for book 1 and I have designed this one for people who need an aide memoire of who and what was in book 1.

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Jo said...

Well you don't need a glossary for book 1 do you? Many books go with a cast of characters too if there are a lot involved. I don't find those too helpful personally. Maps I do like so long as I can find the places mentioned, I have often found that the protagonist comes from a village which is nowhere on the maps - so what is the point?