Monday, June 08, 2009

What happens when a writer takes a break

I have not exactly been keeping up with the blogging very well. I am not at my computer as much lately. I intend to start writing book 3 of The Watergivers trilogy (i.e. the Stormlord cycle) on July 1st and maintain a steady 11,000 words a week for 4 months, which should bring me to the end of the first draft in time for revisions and a January 1st delivery. Maybe. Unless, of course, I do other unscheduled stuff like fall sick...

I guess losing one's other job has an up side: more time for writing!

Right now, I am not writing at all - I am socialising to make up for being unsociable for so long, and I am house-cleaning, to make up don't want to know.

You know what? House-cleaning is a remarkably solitary occupation. I wonder why.

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Jo said...

I am pleased to report that when housecleaning gets done around here, it is not too solitary an occupation. We both get at it.

Enjoy your break Glenda.