Sunday, March 22, 2009


A couple of photos from the area of Raptor Watch - the reefs and Ilham Resort where the public event is held every year.

Copy edit finished for book The Last Stormlord...and where was I when I pulled the last bits together? On duty as a raptor watcher at the lighthouse.

I am hoping that the copy edit doesn't suffer from its sudden interruptions: "Raptors incoming!" "OHBs* on the right!" "Someone count those birds on the left - can we have the telescope on that small one flying high, please?" "Two hundred and three Black Bazas in that last flock..

*Oriental Honey Buzzards


Jo said...

You paint a great picture of your working conditions at the Raptor count. Glad you have finished.

Vanessa Mickan-Gramazio said...

Raptor watch - how awesome! I sincerely hope that the copy edits (love your book, by the way!) didn't make you miss any birds. Raptors are truly magnificent creatures, aren't they? I spend an afternoon once a week volunteering at a bird refuge on the Connecticut coast, and a pair of osprey nest on a platform there every spring. I could watch them for hours. They have just laid their second egg, and the excitement is building!