Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Fun with a book cover

One of the nice things about being published by Orbit UK is that they have such great covers. Now obviously the book below is not mine, but I adore the cover. I believe it is the tale of pious twin brothers who earn a living as grave robbers - and dig up more than they expected, which sounds intriguing. More here. about the book.

Look carefully at the illustration.
As for me - yesterday was a double whammy: due date for Book 2 - and copy edit for Book 1 landed in my email box. I shall be working on the copy edit mostly for the next week or two and I have an extension for the delivery of Book 1.


Cat Sparks said...

Tiz indeed awesome cover art.

Jo said...

Quite a cover that. I do think cover art is so important, it certainly influences my picking up a book to look at in the first place. I recently pointed out to Karen Miller that the five of her books I read all had someone wrapped in a voluminous cloak on the cover with not much else - two of the books had no relation to the other three either. I probably wouldn't have been interested in the books originally if I didn't know Karen from her blog.