Wednesday, February 04, 2009

I am having trouble epressing myself

One of the keys on my keyboard won't work.

So I can no longer talk about Meico, or eciting stuff, or rays.
Things are now dear, not epensive. enophobia is out of bounds anyway, and too bad about the non-Y chromosome and ero copy machines and ecellence. Can't make an eception, or use an ae, or epect anything. Echange rates and ecuses are impossible, I can enter but never eit. Eclamations I can do !!!!! but eclusions are a problem. I won't pay my taes, or send any faes, or do use any waes, but then I do like being la anyway. Everything is minimum rather than ma, and I'd love to have the power of deus e machina and fi and ni this quickly.

Too bad, I can't send you a kiss, or have any luury either. This is ecruciating.

And what about se?


UPDATE on my Xs:
Thanx to Khaldan and an excellent little programme called Key Tweak, I can now be x-rated all I please...


Jo said...

Very clever, and maybe clean your keyboard of all the ecess fluff and dirt.

Glenda Larke said...

Ecellent idea - tried it - doesn't work. In fact I dismantled the key and reassembled...still doesn't work. And there is no microsoft workshop here either - and it is my Microsoft ergonomic keyboard.

I wonder if I can write a whole book without a multiplication sign?

Khaldan said...

You can install a program like TweakKey ( to visually remap (say) the "[" key to the offending letter.

That should see you by until it spontaneously fixes itself.

Luckily it wasn't the "e"!

Glenda Larke said...

Brilliant! Thank you, Khaldan!

Jo said...

Nice to know there are some knowledgeable people out there. Sorry cleaning didn't work. I guess an ergonomic keyboard is difficult to get hold of and epensive perhaps in your neck of the woods? How long have you had this keyeboard?