Thursday, February 19, 2009

A batik factory, Yogya

Below: beginning the process - measuring the design squares etc
Below: Putting on the hot wax for small delicate designs. Note the pots of hot wax over flame on the floor
Below:A close up
Below: For bolder areas of design, a table layout and brush are used for applying the wax resistOr copper stamps
Below: Weighing out the colour to make the dye
Below: Applying the dye
Below: Hanging out the cloth to dry in between treatments. Note the bamboo
Below background: the fire for heating the wax. Foreground - correcting the mistakes i.e. removing any wax in the wrong place and reapplying before dyeing
Below: buying the finished product

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Jo said...

So did you buy any? Never realised how batik was made before. I have two batik skirts from waaaaaaay back.