Friday, January 23, 2009

Picnic under a sheep

These are actually pix taken on my trip to Western Australia last year. I so often poke fun at roundabout statues here in Malaysia, I guess I have to say that Australia also has its roadside art.

This one is in a country town called Wagin. Pronounced Way Gin. Where their major industry concerns, well, sheep.Looks like quite a large tribute to the animal. Just how large you can judge in the next photo. Yep, that's a picnic area under the animal's rather impressive family jewels.


Satima Flavell said...

I hope to heaven that platform never gives way!

Anonymous said...

That is funny as it's the first time i'm watching suc a sheep with a big balloon under it's belly in a sculpture ^^

Jo said...

We have a few statues like that in Canada, the Wawa Goose comes to mind and there is a huge nickel in Sudbury (they have/had a nickel mine and a nickel is a 5¢ piece)

webfaery said...

Australia does love it's 'big' things. I have, at various times, been photographed in front of the big banana, the big pineapple, the big mango, the big cassowary and the big prawn. I also seem to recall a big bull or two. There may have been other biggies that I've seen as well, my memory's just not big enough to remember them all. I'm thinking I may have seen a big macadamia nut, though that might have been in my dreams. :)
I saw a photo yesterday of my sister in front of the big lobster - which I haven't seen.