Monday, December 22, 2008

What better place to finish a book...

I just spent a day and a night in Seremban, the capital of Negri Sembilan state, because my husband had a meeting there at the lovely Royale Bintang - used to be the Adelphi. That's the pink building peeking through the trees. The city is actually only half an hour from our house, but it is 40 years since I walked the Lake Gardens there.
Now Seremban shall be remembered (by me anyway) as the place where I finished the initial draft of Random Rain Book 2. Well almost. I am over 170, 000 and have just two more pages to go. I shall be done before I go to bed tonight, back at home.
Book Two of Random Rain

First draft progress

Due Date: March 1st 2009 ... for a polished version
Publication date: March 2010


Satima Flavell said...

Gorgeous. We'll be expecting an inspired ending!

Jo said...

What a beautiful place to stay whether writing a book or not. I am confident the books will be great no matter what.

Ted Mahsun said...

That's not the Seremban I know! The Seremban I know is much dirtier than that! :D

But congratulations anyway on finishing the first draft!