Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Reading is celebrated in San Francisco

So reading is doing fine in SF; writing is alive and well in my house at the moment:

first draft
10,000 words written since the 9th Oct
(mind you, you should see the housework...not)


Jo said...

I have an apron which was given to me on my birthday, the hell with housework, I'd rather be bowling.

Anonymous said...

I love thoses sculptures ! so funny !

housework... ahem... what are you talking about ? It's not my turn anyway ! ^^

Joanna said...

My youngest child is starting school next year...when I suggested to my husband that I get a part time job, he said not to do it on his account. I think he has this fantasy that I will start concentrating on the housework. You'd think after 15 years of marriage he would know me better, wouldn't you??