Thursday, October 02, 2008

More from Yosemite

Dunno what hour of the day it is, and I am not sure what day of the week either - but at least I am home. Thirty-five hours from door to door...

So now it's time to sort through the memories. Here is some more from Yosemite. First stop after the sequoias was the Glacier Point Road, with views over Half Dome, Vernal Fall and Nevada Fall and other peaks. Stunning scenery.
Above: note the waterfall...I shall explain why tomorrow.
Above: we could see lots of people actually climbing the Half Dome from the back and coming to stand on that overhanging ledge on the left. Nope, my days of doing things like that are over. Now I just stand and stare.

While standing there, I watched a pair of Red-tailed Hawks catch the thermals and circle effortlessly over the valley, later joined by a Turkey Vulture. There could be no better moment in time than that to pay tribute to men like John Muir - people ahead of their time - who determined that this should remain for future generations like ours to enjoy. The first bill that protected the area was signed by Lincoln in 1864.

The park area has a human history of 9,000 years. (Sorry all you creationists out there; facts are facts).


Jo said...

Glad you are home and sorry you got Noramlyed on the way. Guess my divorce idea won't work then.

Love your pictures, gotta get there one of these days.

elliott carless said...

Stunning pictures! I don't think I'd have the guts to stand on that ledge either!

I love red-tailed hawks, though - my next door neighbour (a falconer) has a beautiful one called Amber.

Anonymous said...

what a stunnig beauty !
thx ^^

glenda larke said...

Didn't know the Red-tails were also falconry birds...