Monday, September 15, 2008

Ok, folks, newsflash


The Random Rain trilogy is going to be published by HarperCollins Voyager Australia.

Book One will be out in September 2009, a year from now, if all is well, with the other two books to follow in 2010, just 6 months apart.


P.S. So, Joanna, you will get your free book! :)


Imagine me said...

Oh that's great news. How exciting.

kendall said...

Awesome! Congratulations!

Kendall, hoping it gets to the U.S. ;-)

webfaery said...

Great news!
I can't wait...but I guess I'll have to.

Sarah said...

Glenda thats great!

I'm going to be hanging out for it like mad!

Very happy for you. I should hope that celebrating will ensue!

Anonymous said...

ça se fête ! Gratz !
so cool ! I can't wait to read your new trilogy

Anonymous said...

Yeeeee haaaawwwww!!!!!!!!

Joanna said...

Woo! hoo! That's so exciting!!!
(oh, and it's nice for you too, Glenda *grin*).

Satima Flavell said...

Glenda, I am so happy for you! We must tell the world:-)))))

Elliott Carless said...

Oh, wow, that's so cool - it's about time someone picked it up!

I am so jealous - me wants a free book, too *g* LOL.

But I guess that when Books 2 and 3 are being released in Australia in 2010, I shall only just be getting my hands on Book 1, here in the wet and windy UK :(.

But all good things come to those who wait!

Congrats, Glenda! Have a drink on me ;)


Amy Sisson said...

Wonderful news! Hopefully it was also come to U.S. -- but as long as it eventually gets to Great Britain, I know I can get my hands on it here in the U.S.


Glenda Larke said...

Thank you all! It was a long hard haul to get a decision on this one - 18 mths between proposal and acceptance. 5 mths between submission of completed MS and acceptance.

Even published authors don't always have a smooth ride.

aenid said...

That is fantastic news,roll on September 2009.

aenid said...

That's great news,roll on September 2009.

Anonymous said...

Great news Glenda.

It certainly took long enough to make the decision. I thought it was a shoo in.

I look forward to reading the real thing ... next year! Aarggh.


Glenda Larke said...

Phill, in this business,there ain't such a thing as a shoo in! Although I suppose New York Times bestselling authors or Man-Booker prize winners come close. {I wouldn't know...:-)}