Thursday, July 24, 2008

So where do you come from?

Here's the map of one year's visits. Everywhere from Papua to Nome, by the look of it - taking in Outer Mongolia, Samoa (or is it Tonga?), Cape Verde Island, Iceland, the Sahara and the Maldives along the way.

Three weeks ago I registered with Google Analytics, which supplies a great deal more info.
The highest number of visitors were Australian, followed by in order by Malaysia, United States and U.K. Rather lower came Canada, China and France, then a whole list with just a handful of hits. In the States, there were more hits from California than anywhere else; in Australia, Perth headed the list. In the UK, it was St Helier. In Malaysia - the folk from Ipoh beat Kuala Lumpur, but when you include all the Klang Valley, Ipoh falls well behind.

Anyway, all of you, for whatever reason, thanks for dropping in.


Jo said...

Yer welcum. Of course I am one of the few Canadian representatives and I enjoy your blog - not to mention your books of course.

hrugaar said...

I'd be included in the St. Helier listing, even though I don't actually live there.

My top three at the moment are (in order) UK, Malaysia and France ... then Oz, then USA.

Which Nome? (Wikipedia lists at least five!)

Jo said...

You forgot Canada Ru, don't know where I come in the count, but I'm there.

Glenda Larke said...

Hu - Alaska.

Jo - I have had hits from 16 different Canadian sites over the past 3 weeks...Kitchener heads the list.

hrugaar said...

Kitchener. Your readers need You! :)

Canada comes 11th on my list at the moment, Jo ... but then my freebie counter only looks at the last 500 hits, and I seem to have had more visitors than usual from the UK of late.

Christine said...

I love your blog and visit often (although I am an infrequent poster...sorry!) I am Australian but I would be one of your China visitors as that is where I live at the moment!