Wednesday, July 30, 2008

International Times for Virtual Conflux

Aah, Hrugaar tells me I have got the International times for the Virtual Conflux sff convention wrong. Let me check. I always am lousy at this!

Yep, here are the correct times for my appearance:

Malaysia/Perth: 10 a.m. Saturday
Canberra/Sydney: 12 noon Saturday
Los Angeles: 7 p.m. Friday
New York: 10 p.m. Friday
London: 3 a.m. Saturday
Paris: 4 a.m. Saturday

Thanks Hrugaar. My apologies to everyone. Bet I don't get many from UK or Europe...but do look at some of the other writers instead who will be online at hours more compatible.


gynie said...

4 Am ! lol ! at least i will not be late at work !!

Jo said...

I can't work this stuff out either, I am glad Ru can.

You really going to get up at 4 a.m. Gynie? I am impressed.

glenda larke said...

Me, too, Gynie! (I won't hold you to it, though.)

gynie said...

i will come to sleep again before i go working of course ! Or not ^^ will see that !

But i'm wondering, is it really a mirc thing ? on Conflux ? As i was not able to find anything but a forum, or is it the forum you called a chat ? Donkie Gynie ^^ '

Glenda Larke said...

Forum is the place where you chat...

What's a mirc?

gynie said...

i've woke up too late, the show was already on ^^
but for excuse i've read it all with delectation !

i misunderstood, as 'a chat' in french is much about mIRC [is an Internet Relay Chat (IRC)]

sometimes i wonder why i'm complicating my life with english misunderstanding, when we are already having so much with our mother tongue each of us ! lol