Saturday, April 19, 2008


A minor case of being Noramlyed on the way home. I had the seat on the full plane that had no functioning video/music/reading light. Sigh.

And now it's back to getting used to:
High humidity.
That damn Koel that keeps calling outside my window before dawn.
The ergomomic keyboard. I have to learn to use it all over again.
The roof that has sprung a new leak in a new place.

Easier to dream of Esperance. Here are some photos of Lucky Bay, Cape Le Grand National Park. Some call it the prettiest beach in Australia.


Jo said...

Beautiful pictures of the beaches, they remind me of the Caribbean although, as you pointed out, no people. What a pity its such a long way away, I would love to spend a holiday there. Gorgeous water and obviously some fishing. Sorry you had to come down to earth again, but that's life innit?

Peter said...

Thanks for the great photos and commentary from you trip. I enjoyed a mini-holiday with you.

ginie said...

How lucky you are to travel in such places !
Until i'm able de to it so, i'll be reading your books and your blog !

Glenda Larke said...

Isn't it just gorgeous? I can't believe the colour of the water even now...

Hi Ginie - perhaps you'll get there one day. It sure took me a long time...