Monday, January 28, 2008

My Dad, the Rock Photographer!

That was the title of the email my LA musician daughter sent, along with some photos taken by her dad. He's on his way to a conference, and dropped in en route to see her.

The band is Bedtime for Toys and this was Nashii's first public appearance as a band member. And I think her Dad's first time in the audience.

The other photo is Dad at one of his favourite places - a bookshop.

Wish I were there with them.


hrugaar said...

Cool. I'm guessing that's your lovely daughter at the back in the chainmail shirt. Is that her partner in the yellow T-shirt, or was he doing backstage or something? (and have the photographer's ear-drums recovered yet?)

Glenda Larke said...

Yes, that's her. Partner is not in this band although he was there in the audience. And Dad was under strict orders to wear ear plugs...

Jo said...

As hrugaar said, cool, but I would have needed two sets of ear plugs I think. Hope they make it.

By the way I am reading The Aware and thoroughly enjoying it.