Monday, September 03, 2007

Which was the lie?

The tiger story was the lie.

The Libyan minister was caught in the trap with the rest of his countrymen when air flights were banned in and out of his country for many years. He had to drive from Libya to Tunisia to catch a plane whenever he wanted to travel, so each time he left his car in our garage in Tunis until he came back. And I really didn't want to drive his state-of-the-art programmed car.

And I did spend a couple of months hitchhiking around New Zealand with a girl friend when I was twenty. Had a wonderful time and not a single bad experience. Bunking down on the floor of the tourist info booth in the middle of the pavement was odd though - people talk about the darnedest things when they think no one else is around to hear them...


Joanna said...

Have to admit to being disappointed, really wanted the tiger story to be true!!

hrugaar said...

Ah well. But you lead such an adenturous life that the tiger story did seem plausible. :)